Dana Irvine

Mind Body Nutrition Coach

Certified Clinical Thermographer

Dana Irvine

Mind-Body Nutrition Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Certified Clinical Thermographer,

Thermography Advisor

I am a Certified Clinical Thermographer, Thermography Advisor, Holistic Nutritionist, and Mind-Body Nutrition Coach. I am deeply passionate about health from a 4-point philosophy, where I believe together, we can transform our health through Spirit, Mind, Body, and Nutrition.

I provide nutritional services and coaching in person, online and in groups.  My love of cooking and years of catering experience enables me to bring assistance to your kitchen time by helping with meal prep, entertaining your family or just deal with day to day kitchen dilemmas.  

In my clinical practice, my goal is to identify ROOT causes of ongoing and troubling symptoms, to assist you to REDUCE Inflammation and REMOVE Toxins.  To REPAIR Damage and REPLACE Nutritional Deficiencies.  One of the many services I provide is through Thermography Medical Clinic in Northern and Eastern Ontario where we can identify your body asking for extra help.  We call thermography a “Health Discovery Tool” and consider it to be a very important part of a preventive wellness program. By accurately measuring temperature regions and identifying thermographic patterns, thermography detects inflammation, often long before symptoms may be felt or eventually diagnosed with an actual disease.