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Brittany Culbertson
Phsyiotherapist Resident

Brittany Culbertson

Physiotherapy Resident

Brittany is originally from a small farming town in Southern Ontario but fell in love with the North from
a young age while camping with her parents. Brittany has completed her Bachelors of Science in
Kinesiology (B.Sc. Kin) at Laurentian and her Masters of Science Physical Therapy (M.Sc. PT) at
Western University. She has passed her written PCE exam and is eligible to work as a physiotherapy resident pending the College of PT licensing approval.
Brittany has a range of experiences under her belt from working as a physiotherapy assistant (PTA) previously and on clinical placements in orthopaedics, in-patient cardiorespiratory floors and public sector clinics. She is also certified in treating pelvic floor having completed her Level 1 course in urinary incontinence and prolapses. She will be taking the Level 2 course in October 2021 and will begin treating as a pelvic floor physiotherapy resident after completion of this course.
Outside of work, Brittany is an avid canoer, hiker and camper as she loves to get outdoors as much as she can. She also enjoys running recreationally and playing volleyball at various levels within the Sudbury community.