Brayden Lachance

Workstation Assessment and Rehabilitation

Brayden Lachance

Workstation Assessment and Rehabilitation

Born and raised in Sudbury, Brayden grew up playing competitive hockey and eventually made his way to the university level where he attended Laurentian University as a student-athlete. He graduated from Laurentian University with a Bachelor of Science  with specialization in Kinesiology (Magna Cum Laude) and will be attending Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, working towards obtaining his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C) degree.


The goal of this service is to provide relief to our clients who are experiencing strain, pain and stiffness related to their workstation layout. This service is offered via virtual platform and allows us to aid from afar during this difficult time, where many are working from home. We look to evaluate your symptoms and workstation dimensions to provide modifications that will help create the best at home workstation experience and benefit both your health and work. We also look to complement this evaluation by providing a personalized rehabilitation program.


Our treatment protocol will be tailored to each individuals’ specific goals and needs. Each assessment will begin by evaluating patient symptomology and determining particular measurements. Workstation specifications can then be evaluated to determine which areas can be modified to best benefit health and productivity. Through a combination of calculations, modification techniques can be suggested to the client, which can be accomplished using ergonomic equipment or everyday household items. Next, we provide a personalized rehabilitation program to treat symptoms. Finally, follow-up assessments will be tailored to understand the modifications that have been implemented and the resulting effects. 



What is a Workstation Assessment and Rehabilitation Program?

Ergonomics is an applied science that looks to design and arrange things people use so that they interact in the most efficient and safe manner. This service is widely used in a variety of fields to ensure workplace and at home safety. This service will look to evaluate your workstation (lighting, seating, positioning, biomechanics and more) and provide modifications that will lead to positive results. In addition, rehabilitation exercises will be provided to manage and improve symptoms.

What are the benefits of a workstation assessment and rehabilitation program?


Assessments can result in modifications as simple as changing the angle of your chair or adding a form of lumbar support to your backrest but can be as complex as altering the entirety of a system. A guided rehabilitation program will determine exercises that will be beneficial and could lead to improvements of many symptoms. Generally, a rehabilitation program used in conjunction with the assessment and modication of an at home workstation will provide many benefits to the user, including: 

  • Improved posture & muscle function

  • Decreased strain, pain & stiffness

  • Reduce muscular soreness & fatigue

  • Reduce injury risk

  • Increased balance and symmetry of the body

  • Movement efficiency

  • Increased productivity

  • Improvement of quality of life

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