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Borna Mahdavi
Fascial Stretch Therapist and Pesonal Trainer

Borna Mahdavi

Fascial Stretch Therapist and Personal Trainer

Borna Mahdavi, born and raised in Sudbury Ontario, has a passion for the human body stemming from a young age. Borna grew up playing a variety of sports, taking it further to pursue football, boxing, and bodybuilding at the amateur level; being granted the opportunity to help coach within those sports. He graduated from Laurentian University with a bachelors in Kinesiology (Honours) and a minor in Psychology. Alongside his education, Borna is a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, DTS Low Back Fundamentals, and has taken other mini courses through DTS. At the clinic alongside FST, Borna offers personal/group training and functional movement assessments. 


As a recent graduate, Borna has taken it into his own hands to further his education by regularly researching topics on sleep, nutrition, and training modals to complement his work at the clinic. His goals do not stop there, and while working at Active +, he seeks to continue his education and acquire multidisciplinary certifications in the health field. 

Overall, Borna puts his clients needs first and strives to deliver the most optimal, science based approach to preventative care and wellbeing. 

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